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A moderate alley that opens in a shell.

How to Use Mnemonics?

Use these 10 rules to remember any phone number, date, or large geeky number.

  1. = S as in Sock, or Z as in Zoom.
  2. = T as in Tiger, or D as in Dog, or TH as in Thing.
  3. = N as in Night.
  4. = M as in Mark.
  5. = R as in Room.
  6. = L as in Look.
  7. = SH as in Shark, or CH as in Chat, or J as in James.
  8. = C/K/Q as in Cool, King or Quick.
  9. = F/PH as in Fork or Photon, or V as in Value.
  10. = P as in Park, or B as in Bin.

Other sounds can be ignored. As an example, bank stands for 927.

These respond to the Mnemonics major system. See Wikipedia for more information. This system works on the principle that words are much easier to remember than numbers.

The mnemonics generated by Mnemerator have been optimized to be easiest to remember.

Note: For safety reasons, do not use to generate mnemonics for passwords. For questions, contact